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We are law, accounting and tax professionals who are offering solutions for doing business in Germany. Setting up a German company, done on short notice. German payroll for hundred employees who have online access to their individual German remuneration statements, that is our day to day business. German tax and VAT refund desired, we find the fast track to your tax refund. Our clients are US and UK based companies.

We offer extraordinary company formation services for starting a company in Germany: forming a German GmbH (limited liability company), drawing up a memorandum of association in English/German language to your very own requirements, checking that the company name you would like is admissible, having a German notary record the memorandum of association, assisting with the opening of a German bank account, registering the company with the trade licensing office and the tax office as specified by law, drawing up the company´s opening balance sheet as prescribed by law for it to be submitted to the tax office. Prices are starting at 750 Euros.

We offer all German accounting services and tax advice that is required to operate your business in Germany sucessfully. We actively manage the timing of the German accounts production process to ensure that you meet your statutory responsibilities and through this information, take advantage of early tax planning opportunities. We also ensure there is the minimum delay between data delivery and you receiving your accounts. We prepare German annual accounts in accordance with the legal standards so that they can be presented to banks, the tax office, the Federal Gazette and other authorities.

We take care of all aspects of Value Added Tax compliance which include VAT registrations in Germany, tax assessment of individual case situations in deliveries and services both from and to Germany, optimal construction of VAT service relationships in Germany, optimization of input VAT on certain sales in Germany, support during special VAT audits carried out by the German fiscal authorities, out-of-court and court appeal proceedings in Germany.

Most businesses will agree that managing the German payroll and understanding the ever-changing legislation in Germany that affects this standing function of your business is frustrating and time consuming. We help with a German payroll bureau outsourcing solution that will meet your quality and cost expectations. We take on payrolls from one German employees up to several hundreds employees woring in Germany and abroad.

Our associated law firm offers you the requisite legal assistance for legally securing your business and asserting your claims.

German markets are the new frontier for GROWING your business. ISENSEE ENTERPRISES mission is to drive growth and profitability by establishing your company in Germany; and providing excellent advice on German VAT and tax matters, being your German payroll bureau and reliable German accountant. Our commitment to exceptional client service is centered upon quality, connectivity, responsiveness and insight. It is backed by a dynamic and detailed approach that focuses on relentlessly serving our clients’ needs.

Our professionals draw on their diverse perspectives and skills to give you a seamless service through all the challenges of seting up your company, planning, financial accounting, tax and legal compliance in Germany.